Where cakes are made with all the care you expect from us

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Please note that there is a delivery release fee of £50 which will need to be paid within 7 days of ordering. Failure to pay will result in order cancellation without refund.

Gluten Free

The cake is a lie.

We believe that having an allergy to gluten should not impact your ability to enjoy a great cake.

That's why all our cakes are gluten free.

Green Business

Harnessing the power of the Sun for good!

All our electricity is sustainably sourced because we care about our environment.

For over 10 years our business has endeavoured to ensure we treat the planet right.

Fairtrade Food

We use real farmers.

Everything we sell is made from only the highest quality Fairtrade goods.

Our ethos revolves around providing the best food with both the consumer and supplier in mind.

Disclaimer: None of our products contain Fairtrade certified ingredients, though we do pay our staff.

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